All Stars

Life is made of many types of bonds between many types of entities—molecules, cells, organs, organisms. Human life is enriched with bonds between and within human minds. Here I highlight the all-star bonds I made on my journey, in the form of organizations, individuals and books that influence me to this day [in construction].

The Origin of Life Early-career Network—OoLEN—brings together early-career scientists from different disciplines and backgrounds who share a common goal: to understand how life emerged on Earth and possibility elsewhere. OoLEN’s Mission rests on six pillars: Inclusion, Post-disciplinarity, Exchange, Communication, Community and Quality. Go to for more.

Kate and Stuart Kauffman

Stuart and Kate are mentors in every sense of the word. I recommend their work for everyone interested in deep fundamental topics that affect us all: life, complexity, emergence, agency, and emotions.

Stu’s Wiki Page; Kate’s talk on Emotional Sentience

Denis Noble is one of the founders and master in the field of Systems Biology. He is the author of the first model of the human heart, which allowed for modern pacemakers. He introduced, after Sydney Brenner’s suggestion, the term “middle-out” as opposed to traditional “top-down” and “bottom-up” approaches in systems biology, which I came later to apply when modelling minimal cells. His books and lectures are transformational.

The Music of Life and Biological Relativity

A scientist in [their] laboratory is not only a technician: [they are] also a child placed before natural phenomena which impress [them] like a fairy tale.

—MARIE CURIE, as quoted in Madame Curie: A Biography (1937), by Eve Curie Labouisse